Marthe Armitage Prints Branding

brand identity design, mint background with hand drawed design in a circle which is surrounded by the words ‘MARTHE ARMITAGE PRINTS’

Marthe Armitage Prints


Identity, stationery and website design for the wallpaper and fabric designers and printers.

Each of their designs begin as hand drawings, they are then cut from lino and printed by hand on a 100 year old printing press. They have digitised a handful of these designs for screen printing and digital wide-width printing and the website needed to reflect the care and attention that goes into each aspect of their business. We spent time photographing each of their printing processes and these images are used throughout the site.

The website showcases their beautifully intricate designs in multiple colours and allows the viewer to increase the number of repeats on the screen to get a sense of how each design will look across their wall.

business cards designs, three piles in blue and mint shades
three piles of business cards with ‘MARTHE ARMITAGE PRINTS’ logo and company contact details
stationary design in different blue and mint shades and hand drawings
various piles of stationery
homepage website design for Marthe Armitage Prints
design for the hand prints website
website of hand drawed Chestnut Design
four website designs for the hand drawed designs of Marthe Armitage
website design for library, nine different fabric designs in black
design of the website about hand printing, mint background with pictures and texts in black
two smartphones with the website design of the homepage and the fabric designs
two smartphones shows two different fabric designs, one in black and white, one in orange and brown
Marthe’s studio with her in the background, some fabric designs on the wall and a hand printed design in the front
close up at a lino roll with the cutted out design and the printed design
blue colour on a paper and a woman, who is adding colour on a roll
fresh hand printed design laying over a roll
five different design examples
piles of silver cans with different colours in it