Top Drawer 2020 Brand Campaign
Top Drawer 2020 Show Design
brand identity for ‘ASHLEY BINGHAM PHOTOGRAPHY’ in light and dark grey
Ashley Bingham Photography
Le Poisson
brand identity design, mint background with hand drawed design in a circle which is surrounded by the words ‘MARTHE ARMITAGE PRINTS’
Marthe Armitage Prints
brand identity design for Top Drawer, profile of a woman’s face with a colour fade layout from turquoise to pink
Top Drawer Rebrand
Top Drawer 2016 Art Direction
Top Drawer 2016 Show Design
black and white, hand draw illustration of Olympia London
Olympia London London's Grandest
branding for Olympia London
Olympia London
dark blue packaging with a orange illustration of the Earls Court
Earls Court 77
PULSE - Discover the unexpected’ written in white with a thick cloud of pink coloured smoke
Pulse 2016
Pulse 2016 Show Design
Pulse 2018
brand identity for ‘Regenerate’, big bubble in different colours in blue, violet and orange shades on a dark blue background
Internet Retailing Conference
different sizes of dark blue boxes with ‘RUX’ written in copper
‘Lululemon’ logo and ‘MEDITATION OM THE MOVE’ text in white on black and silver texture for brand identity and livery
Lululemon Om The Move
‘Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery’ logo written in violet on lilac background
Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery
dark background with turquoise table 3x6 with ‘NANO’ written in boxes and lines in different directions
woman wearing black t-shirt with printed green circle
Everpress 50/50
different coloured and sized film ticket stubs
Film London London Screening
front view of a beer bottle with a dark violet label with a old-rose illustration of SB emblazoned pair of scissors
The 100/100 Beer Project
‘Makers’ logo written in light and dark turquoise on a rose background
yellow smiley D logo and ‘The Dentist’ written below on a dark grey background
The Dentist
Layout design for sales brochure showing photograph of the S&H Citroën van
Steak & Honour
manipulated magnetically sensitive liquid (ferrofluid) with arrangements of magnets, rising the number 27 out of the dark liquid
Fedrigoni 365
art-direction for JARMAN awards consisting of wooden letters in a dark field, illuminated by a flair