Top Drawer 2016 Exhibition Design

entrance design for the Top Drawer exhibition in turquoise and pink

Top Drawer 2016


Top Drawer takes place twice a year at Olympia London. Our role in delivering the three day event consists of designing the entrance experience, registration areas, numerous bars and catering points, catwalk and seminar area, lighting installations and the VIP Lounge.

We produce all of the technical drawings in-house and work directly with Clarion’s operations team and their contractors to ensure that the job is delivered as smoothly as possible.

one part of the entrance with a photograph of a woman with a colour fade layout from turquoise to pink
entrance tunnel with plants and green lights
close up of the green entrance tunnel
way finding wall shows the venue map
green and pink neon tube hanging from the ceiling
stairs in the exhibition with directional signs
directional signs at the top of the stairs in Olympia London
design for directional signs for Level 1
design for directional signs for the Ground Floor
design for directional signs for the stairs at Level 1
exhibition from Top Drawer in the Olympia London
turquoise and blue neon tubes in the construction under the stairs
yellow and white neon tubes in the construction under the stairs
two bar trend designs in the colours turquoise, blue, pink and grey
front view at the catwalk, one woman with a green, black and white dress
side view fashion show with some people watching
exhibition design with tables and chairs, some plants around with green lights
exhibition design an doom people walking or sitting
close up on a plant with green light
food emporium exhibition design
food emporium design with red end white illustrations of different food packages