Top Drawer 2016 Art Direction

art direction photography for the home sector

Top Drawer 2016

Art Direction

As part of the process of rebranding Top Drawer as one coherent show, we produced a photoshoot that pulled all of the sectors together and allowed them to exist side by side in the same environment.

We imagined all of the show sectors being located within the same house, with the dining table becoming the focal point for all activity – from Home being represented as a dining scene, through to Children’s taking over the table with a playful scene.

view from above on two plates with cutlery glasses and figs with goat cheese on a wooden plate
a white concrete plate with a glass and a bottle next to a grey concrete plate with plants viewed from above
three concrete plinths, two grey with plants on top and one white with a glass and a bottle with water
chair and table with different sweets on it, viewed from the side
grey cutting board with chocolate and cinnamon on it, two spoons and a cup on a table
wooden plate with a cup of coffee, sugar and a metal can, on a green blanked
art direction photography for the gift sector
a photograph guide, a glass with a straw, a magazine and a wallet viewed from above
two mugs, a plant, a golden plant mister and a make up bag on a table
art direction photography for the fashion sector
a brown wild leather bag with sunglasses on it, feathers, jewellery and a blanked photographed from above
a golden necklace, a golden and a wooden bracelet and a branch
art direction photography for the craft sector
two white vases with gold drips and three different shaped cups
a wooden chair with a white, grey and blue pattern blanked over the backrest and a grey and white pillow on the seat
a rusted plate with four silver and gold rings
‘GREETINGS & STATIONERY’ sector photography
a brown and a white pen, a blue case, a notebook and tapes photographed on a table
some gifts wrapped in different designs, a brown cord and a scissor
‘WELLBEING’ sector photography
cremes and brushes for a beard
cremes, soaps and lavendel
‘CHILDREN’S’ sector photography
grey and white stripped pyjama, racoon teddy and toys
‘FOOD EMPORIUM’ sector photography
different sweets and food ordered in a square
different tea flavours, a mug with tea and two tea bags on the table