The Dentist

yellow smiley D logo and ‘The Dentist’ written below on a dark grey background

The Dentist


Identity for a refreshingly consumer focussed dental practice. We appropriated the smiley D character to create the main logo, encapsulating the dentist’s friendly demeanour and their accessible approach to a dental practice.

The combination of a warming accent yellow with a more serious palette of greys compliments the practice’s welcoming and well-trained staff, their straight forward pricing and inspired their sophisticated and inviting interiors.

layout design of business cards, letterheads and postcards
show window from The Dentist
grey and white wall with a mirror, furniture and plants in the waiting from from The Dentist
grey wall with four yellow pictures on it, yellow flowers and wooden chairs in the front and a yellow drop light
bright smiling woman with dark hair and white teeth
yellow dentist chair in front of a dark grey counter