The 100/100 Beer Project

old-rose illustration of ‘Samson’s Barber’ emblazoned pair of scissors on dark violet background

The 100/100 Beer Project

We were invited by SB Studio to design a beer label for their 100/100 Beer Project.

The public were asked to submit names for the 5% wheat beer with two words beginning with S and B. 100 names were chosen from the list and 100 different designers created a unique design for each. We chose Samson’s Barber and illustrated an SB emblazoned pair of scissors.

Profits from this project were donated to ArtFund.

front view of a beer bottle with a dark violet label with a old-rose illustration of SB emblazoned pair of scissors
detail of scissor with ’S’ and ‘B’ letter at the end
‘SB’ logo detail on a old-rose scissor
orange front-page with a men who dropped his beer, open book, one side rose with ‘Samson’s Barber by Jon Cefai’ written and other side with a scissor