Fedrigoni 365 Art Direction

Fedrigoni 365


Paper specialists Fedrigoni asked us to participate in the creation of their 2018 calendar. Each date is illustrated by a different designer, our date is 27 March.

27 on the periodic table is Colbalt, a hard silver-grey metal found in the earth’s crust. Apart from being used to create bright blue pigment, Colbalt’s primary use is in producing magnets. The design was formed by manipulating a magnetically sensitive liquid called ferrofluid with an arrangement of magnets, allowing the number to rise out of the dark liquid.

open book, black pages with silver scripture and a picture of the number 27 rising out of the dark liquid and at the other page number 28 in squares
close up of an image of magnetically manipulated ferrofluid in a black book
close up of a silver written text of ‘March 27, Collaborate’ in a black book