Orriss & Son Branding

Orriss & Son

Branding, Website, Packaging, Art Direction

We have created the brand and e-commerce website for fermented chilli sauce producer Orriss & Son.

The identity is both refined and bold, and responds to their punchy but finely layered sauces. The colour palette embraces the vibrancy and enhances the colour of the sauces, and a series of hand drawn maps responds to their approach to sourcing ingredients and also the concepts behind the product naming.

We have also art directed the product and food photography. 

You can view their website here.


As a response to the brand’s focus on origin and provenance, we created a series of hand-drawn maps that would become a core component of the brand identity. The label for each sauce uses a unique map linked to its name, reinforcing each flavours identity.

Product Design & Art-Direction

Mailer Packaging

The Recipes

Publication to present a collection of recipes by O&S founder David Underwood.

Social Media

Recipe ideas, stockist updates, brand philosophy: applying a consistent attention to detail across social media channels. 


Design and build of an e-commerce and brand story website.